Saving is more than investing, it’s about Word of Mouth

In the last month, guest bloggers from around the world share their good, bad, or ugly customer service experiences. It’s been a place to complain, rant, and highlight opportunities for companies to improve. But, this series has also been a place to celebrate when companies do well, processes work effectively, service representatives are our advocates, and we leave a situation as stronger believers in the product or service than we started.  I hope you’ve enjoyed these stories as  much as I have! 

The lovely Kristina!

The lovely Kristina!

Today’s blog post comes from the land down under. Kristina and her husband Jeff moved to Australia several years ago and are one of the reasons for our travel adventure inspiration.  There’s a lot reasons why she’s a fave but her passion for reading and love for her kindle are a few top reasons…oh and she’s one of the sweetest people I know! 

First a bit of backstory about me. I am a loyal bank goer since before I can remember.

I was set up with a kids saving account at Bank of America for my college fund. Years later when my dad started to work at Boeing and became part of Boeing Employees Credit Union, I too started an account with them (my Bank of America savings account still in tow) for checking, saving and car loan.

After finishing college my BofA account was no longer needed as the funds were depleted but in turn I got one of their Alaska air miles Credit Cards so I could put all of our wedding expenses on there and get miles.

I never thought I would leave BofA or BECU as they have always been great to me and very helpful. But then the Big Move happened. We were moving overseas and both companies did not have branches overseas. Then started my search for a new company. I knew we would open accounts down here in Australia but I was loyal and wanted to stay with my companies.

After much talk, I continued our stay with BECU as they continued to allow us to keep our account even though there wouldn’t be much activity and we will still get/receive all our loyalty rewards. BECU was so helpful and accommodating I knew that we had made the right choice to stay with them. But when it came to our credit card with BofA we weren’t so lucky. So we started shopping around for a new credit card. I wanted a card that I could get miles for (as we would be travelling even more now), didn’t have a huge yearly fee and would work with us that we were living overseas for the time being. I fell upon Capital One. Now at first I wasn’t too sure about this company as all I could remember or think of for this company was their Viking commercials which concerned me a bit. But after so much needed research I decided to go with them as their fee was less than what I was paying with BofA, their air miles went to any airline (I wasn’t just locked into one airline), they were so accommodating of us being overseas, they have no international transaction fees (so even when we travel we can use the card and not get charged extra fees) and how cool is it that I could put whatever picture I wanted on there:

Photo Credit: Kristina Gutherie

Photo Credit: Kristina Gutherie

Ok that was a lot of rambling but I wanted to give you some back story before I shared my great customer service story.

As I said before Capital One has been excellent about us being overseas. They have always been helpful when it comes to weird charges and such and always willing to have me call collect or even call me back so I don’t have to pay the international calling fees (I just use Skype though so there is no worries there but it’s nice to know that service is available).

I always pay my bill on time (even early in most cases). But this month our internet went down for about a week (now you don’t really understand how much you use/need internet until your internet has went down but in any case it was done) and it was right during the time when our bill was due. So when our internet came back up I got on to do all of our banking and realized I had missed our due date (this has never happened but alas it did). I was getting ready to just suck it up and pay the fee as I knew it was our fault for being late.

I was talking to my husband and he said ‘just give them a call and let them know the situation and see if there is anything they can do.’ I highly doubted that they would do anything, as most places would say that we need to pay on time and not make excuses. So I called them, still thinking that I would have to pay the fee but wanted to ask anyways. Expecting to be on hold for awhile, I was shocked when someone answered the phone within a minute (points in my book) and it was a real person not a computer (another point). I then explained to her (I have forgotten her name unfortunately, as she was awesome) the situation: our internet was down and I missed paying our bill on time but was there anything they could do. First off, she was so understanding about having our internet go down and seemed genuinely empathic. She then said she could look into for me if I could give her a few details. I did and within seconds she was telling me that she would gladly reverse the charge and I should see it in one to two days on my statement. I was off the phone with the situation resolved in less than 10 minutes, that’s unheard of! She was so helpful and understanding it made me realize another reason why I am so thankful I changed to them.

I have recommended Capital One to so many people over the last three years and I will continue to share their amazing company with as many people as I can. I can’t say enough good things about a company that is so understanding, helpful , accommodating, and downright a joy to work with.

Thanks for following this month’s customer service blog series. I hope you’ve enjoyed these bloggers stories, experiences, and hopes as much as I have. Has there been a particular story that has resonated with you? Would you respond differently if you were in their shoes?  The one consistency I see in all these experiences, regardless of the #goodbadugly, is the customer’s initiative to respond and take action.  By doing so, you’re paving the way for companies to reinforce positive behavior or identify areas to improve.


There’s no exchange of moolah behind these blog pages, pro-deals, or freebies with this series. What you see is what you get; real stories from real people who are sharing their experiences to challenge the status quo, inspire companies to take action, and ultimately build a life long customer. Be sure to check back this week!

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One thought on “Saving is more than investing, it’s about Word of Mouth

  1. Mary says:

    I loved this series of business reviews. I am always one to call and ask for a discount or new promoation when I see my bill has gone up. I always assume the worst, but hope for the best. I always find that being pleasant and not yelling often results in better service.

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