International Kindle Book Club

Some great friends and some new ones have decided to start an international book club. Partly spurred on by our blatant addiction to the teen-novel craze, The Hunger Games Trilogy and subsequent movie about the first book, we’ve decided to set aside all preconceived notions, judgements, and let loose our loves, passions, for books.

The invite was serendipitous!  At the same time we decided to start a book club, Kyle and I realized we were going to need another electronic device, albeit another iPad or e-reader for our upcoming 3 1/2 week trip throughout Western Europe. Nothing says “I’m going to die” than being stuck on an 8 hour train ride with nothing to do while your spouse hogs the single iPad and entertainment device on the trip. After much research and chatting with friends, we decided on the Kindle Touch.

My new best friend.

Honestly, it took us a few hours…and by few, I mean 10, to finally figure out which version we were going to purchase. Thank goodness for Lindsey and her words of wisdom. Here’s the Top 10 reasons why we went with the Kindle Reader, and even more importantly the Touch.

10. It’s light, compact and easy to travel with.

9. It’s green. Good-bye paperbacks and killing trees.

8. It’s cheap….especially if you’re an avid reader. Our public library is connected to Amazon and Kindle via Overdrive. I basically search Amazon’s massive collection of books, add to my Amazon Wish List, and then borrow for free via Overdrive.

7. Perks and Features: It’s only $99 w/ wi-fi. It’s not worth the extra $50 bucks for 3G. As Lindsey put it, “The only reason why I’d need 3G is if I were to download a book in the desert. And let’s be honest, that’s never going to happen!” Touche.

6. It’s multifunctional. We use the iPad everyday but wanted to make sure we would be able to use our next purchase beyond this single European holiday….We decided a second iPad wouldn’t be used once we returned from holiday. So that $400+ option was eliminated immediately.

5. User Experience. We use various devices that depend on multi-sensory touch….iPad, iPod, iPhone, droid, etc. We decided that for the sake of ease of use and convenience, the touch screen would be easier and less finicky when we really want to save on pressing buttons.  That and I could resist the urge to throw it out the window everytime I wanted to look something up via keyboard. Besides it’s only $20 more than the original.

4. Xray. Kindle Touch is the only version that has this feature. It allows the reader to find historical data, background on history, places/locations, characters about the story all at the touch of a button. Great app for background, history, and biographies.

3. Cost. Did I mention it’s only $99?

2. It’s easy on the eyes. We love our iPad but after hours of surfing the internet and playing games our eyes typically in need a break. The Kindle ink is uber cool and I can read for hours!

1. Storage. It holds 2 GB worth of stuff, which equals to 1,400 books! Though I’m not going to read that may books anytime soon, I can now get rid of the massive pile of books on my night stand and am no longer living in fear of being killed in the middle of the night by a toppling of hardcovers.

And in honor of this momentous occasion (or two), I’ve created a page for books and recos. I would love it if you would add your book suggestions, book reviews, and/or us in our reading adventures!