confessions of an “unplugged” social media addict

it’s been nearly ten months since my last blog post.  the original intent was to take a break from social media and unplug for three months and then come back to blogging. obviously that didn’t happen. honestly i’m quite embarrassed to admit this  at times i like to imagine that the entire year was like this…

Fun in the sun

but really if felt like this…though not as cute and cuddly

photo courtesy of

i wish i had a great story to share about why i’ve been absent for so long. i would share photos of kyle and i on an adventure to machu picchu, or photos of a new baby, or even possibly, that i broke both my hands which prohibited me from typing on any sort of keyboard for those ten months.  but those would be lies, especially the being pregnant part.  sadly,  i was just burned out.

most people are envious when they hear that i get paid to work in social media. most of the time i feel honored, blessed and extremely lucky. i love the people i work with, especially those half-way around the world. but after a few consecutive years of major growing pains at work, supporting kyle while he finished his master’s degree, moving to the suburbs,  kicking off the settlement to my car accident, adjusting to a new team and new work environment, i was tired. couple that with the pressure to stay abreast on all the latest trends on every platform, the work expectations of SM, the need to check into every single location on foursquare, retweet and tweet the latest info, and figure out if purchasing an iphone was justifiable just so i could be on instagram kind of sent me over the edge

i took a step back and decided i needed jackie time. a lot of jackie time.  i needed to regroup and figure out not just what mattered to me but why i loved social media in the first place. it wasn’t a job. it was something i once loved. i yearned to find that love again. i didn’t want it to be a chore. i didn’t want my job to be a chore.

fast forward ten months…a new iphone, kyle’s graduation, and renewing our lease for one more year (that’s for a different blog post), and i feel like i’m starting to get back into my groove.  but honestly, i think the biggest contributing factor has been my good friends, lindsey and richenda. both are social media divas and gals i admire not just for their SM smarts but their passion and love for what they do.

both lindsey and richenda recently posted a few lists that many social media junkies out there could relate to, including me. not only was it absolutely hysterical, but it also hit a spot in my heart that needed some reassurance and encouragement. in honor of getting back into the swing of things here’s my list of an ‘unplugged’ social media addict:

  • you check fliptop and mashable before you even bother opening your inbox.
  • you no longer care if your computer has issues connecting to lotus notes. you can still check everything from your iphone, carry on skype chats, and open attachments faster than your colleagues can who are using a dell.
  • you check your foursquare account more than facebook just to make sure you’re still the mayor of senor taco.
  • you use Foursquare’s comments and check-in locations as a decision making plan on dinner instead of the Urbanspoon app just so you can increase your check-in points.
  • you debate about checking in at the hunger games movie premier for fear of seeming like a teenie-bobper only to realize you’re the oldest adults in line and decide to throw all apprehension out the window.  you need points!
  • you are really upset that fliptop refuses to incorporate pinterest into their iphone app. the articles are amazing and would really save you the trouble of bookmarking it in the future.
  • you knew of pinterest 18 months before everyone else did but decided to hoard it like it’s a million bucks. secretly you’re bummed the cats out of the bag.
  • you are really confused why more and more people aren’t aware of hootsuite or tweetdeck. really? how do you expect us to post at 1am? whoops. was i not supposed to share our magic tricks?
  • you geek out over SM analytics, tracking, reporting, monitoring, and measurement tools. but are secretly frustrated that no one in their right mind has figured out a way to stream all SM platforms through one monitoring & measurement tool.
  • you see life in blog posts, then facebook posts, tweets, and when it’s really busy, instagram. at least people get a photo.
  • you remove and/or rearrange all the extra background ‘stuff’ so that it doesn’t get into the way of the perfect instagram photo. then you proceed to take no less then 4 photos of the same thing just to make sure it’s prefect.
  • you are not ashamed to check your klout score.
  • you don’t bad an eye-lash at the word “gamification.”
    Can you relate to these other social media junkies? Better yet, if you’re a social media addict, how have you balanced life and the pressures to always stay connected?

full circle.

it’s been a while. i know. but life sure has been busy for the last month or so. i recently started on a new team at work. coupled with transitioning off my old team, finals, adjusting to new team dynamics and the ever constant demands of life, the blog postings took a bit of a back seat.  so here we are, at the end of june with little sunshine and still catching up on life.

my new job consists of marketing support for two teams. team world vision and 30 hour famine. i’m quite excited to be supporting a new team and an established team.  team world vision is a program for athletes who want to make a difference and change lives in africa. athletes raise funds for clean water and sanitation projects in africa while doing what they love.  30HF is a youth program that has been around for 20 years (you most likely did this when you were in jr. high or highschool) in which youth raise awareness and funds around global hunger.  both programs rock and i’m really excited because not only are there opportunities to grow and learn new things, but i’ll also continue to excel in areas that i am skilled in and are passionate about.

the other ironic thing is that i used to work in the sports industry a few years ago and wondered 1) why i was there 2) what else i could be doing 3) what God wanted me to learn from this 4)never mix passions with work. clearly God has a sense of humor because over 3 years later, here i am loving what i’m doing and am drawing on my experience in my past life.  i also laughed because i spent the last 3 days working the rock and roll marathon in seattle. expo life never changes and neither does race day. it was great to be back in the excitement and adrenaline of all the runners.  i was so eager to join them but alas, the cheer station needed me and my loud voice.  🙂  it’s been a great experience so far working and supporting runners and fans of World Vision in an industry that is so competitive and sales driven that you almost lose sight of what you’re running for and working for. besides, believing in what i do makes it alot easier to wake up at 5 am on a saturday and scream for 250+ runners i don’t know.

here’s some photos of the past few days and on race day. hopefully next year i’ll be running it. especially since i just got clearance to run this past thursday. this race season’s out but fingers crossed i’ll be racing a few next year.

the rockstars. kirsten, andrea and carrie.

our amazing intern and cheerleader, chelsea. we were quite chipper at 6AM.

team world vision cheer squad @ mile 5.


help haiti.

after supporting the social media team for the last week plus, i’ve gotten to love their team and their work.  besides, what’s not to love being connected to facebook, twitter, and youtube every waking second you’re at work?!  however, its been eye opening as mentioned on my previous post; being able to directly support an emergency disaster.  it’s been long days and long weekends. as we look forward to the future, it’s daunting to see the level of effort and energy and funds that will go to rebuild haiti.  but it’s also encouraging.  after watching the following two pieces come out of our office in the last week, i’m encouraged and inspired. the first video has a song that was written specifically for us and haiti.  it’s beautiful.  if i watch it enough i begin to cry.  the second video is self explanatory. need i say more?!

i hope you are moved.  inspired. encouraged.  the haitians are resilient people. but they need help. i hope you will continue to work with World Vision or your own NGO that is supporting Haiti.  this is something that will take years of partnership. as many call our faith journey a marathon and not a sprint, so will this partnership.  because it really, truly is going to be a long journey.

christmas jingle you won’t forget.

so we had a team lunch today and of course it included games.  i know, rolling of the eyes right? wrong! OMG. it was super fun.  we all had to come up with a list of adjectives, names, etc which unbeknownst to us turned out that we were creating our own christmas song!! each table had to sing it in front of 50 or so people…..we sang AND included hand-motions.  so just keep the latter in mind as you sing this out-loud since  i know you will.

SLEDDING through the snow

in a BEAUTIFUL and HANDSOME sleight


SURFING all the way

Bells on JOHN V. ring

Making spirits bright

What fun it is to laugh and sing


Jingle Bells….Jingle Bells….Jingle all the way.

Oh what fun it is to ride and sing

in a BEAUTIFUL and HANDSOME sleigh- Hey!!

As you prepare for the of the holidays, if the chaos hasn’t fully commenced yet, we wanted to send a wish to you and your family.  May your holiday be filled with family, friends, great food, amazing fellowship, perhaps surfing and sledding too.  But most important  the celebration of Christ Jesus-our Lord and King.

10 things to survive colorado.

tonight we celebrated one of my best and dear friends, michele, before she heads out to colorado. we had an amazing spread of mexican food and homemade sangria (some of the best i’ve ever had). it was great to meet folks through all parts of her life that she has impacted and vice versa.  thanks to meg rahn for all her help with the “conspiracy.”

mexican food. hmmmm.  delish.

gluten free. vegan free. red velvet cake. delish.

gluten free. vegan free. red velvet cake.

here’s some super fun photos, including 10 things she would need to help get her through the winter months of snow, chill, and ice.

1. ugly sweater (particularly for the ugly christmas party)
2. house slippers
3. gloves
4. ear muffs
5. colorado guide books
6. snow scraper
7. lotion
8. dog bowl for her “new” dog.
9. rei gift card
10. onesie

my favorite was the last one.  apparently was chele’s too.

apparently putting a onesie is a bit challenging.

chele really liked the ear muffs too.

another way to wear a onsie.

i met chele when i joined world vision vision again in 2007.  she was a spunky, joyful gal with tons of energy and a huge heart for the Lord. she helped me get acclimated to the new team, survive drama on the new team, help me maintain my sanity through the new website launch and just in general, a blessing and wonderful person to call a friend.  i’ll miss her terribly but know CO and the 30 hour famine team will be gaining one valuable and amazing person.

chele, here’s to:  onsies, pedicures, senor taco and chai tea latte runs.  may there be many many many more.


i love this girl.

i love this girl.

all things experiential.

if you recall my earlier post where nikki and ange got chele and i some lovely ears of dried corn as a gift we decided to finally pop it before the sad departure of our dear tour staff friends.  and since we’re in the experiential marketing business what better way than share the experience with friends.

the result?  a glorious 15 min distraction from work that involved food, laughter and possibly more laughter.  don’t be fooled though, the kernels actually pops right off the cob and yes you can eat it on the cob too! it’s experiential  as ange is demonstrating…


thanks ladies for a fun filled afternoon….i’m saving mine so that kyle can experience the pure joy and fascination of dried food as i have.


a little blurry but you get the coolness factor!

a little blurry but you get the coolness factor!

ta-da. the end.

ta-da. the end.